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How to choose art – Your rooms and spaces.

Generally speaking, on a large, plain wall a tiny piece of artwork would not be suitable. Conversely, artwork that is too big could possibly overtake everything else in the room. But … if you absolutely love it and want to own it, you may be compelled to buy it at once and make it work with the space you have.

A Bit of Colour give art as gifts

How to choose art – Artworks as gifts.

Imagine how such a distinctive gift, created with love and chosen by you, can make a truly outstanding favour for a friend, relative or colleague. How special they will feel, and what a lovely, memorable connection to have with them …

About the artist.

Behind every picture there is a little story. The stories here begin most often with inspiration from nature, and from the lovely abstract qualities of mark-making.

Helping the environment

A Bit of Colour for the planet.

Working with people who care really does make a difference. My printed products have a variety of eco-friendly credentials, they include; organic production for biodiversity and soil fertility, ecologically friendly inks, vegan inks, managed forests for wildlife and environmental friendliness, recycled materials, and lowering emissions. I work with local printers to support our local businesses, and to provide greener shipping. The materials and processes have… Read More »A Bit of Colour for the planet.