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About the artist.

Behind every picture there is a little story. With a lifelong love of making pictures I naturally chose to study art, and had some great tutors. We delved into drawing and painting, making composite art photographs, printmaking, collage, typography, carving, sculpture and casting. And more – there is always something new to discover and enjoy. Favourite watercolours, oils, gouache, acrylic, inks, pencils, pastels and charcoal all have their own fascinating characteristics.

The artistic stories here begin most often with inspiration from nature, and from the lovely abstract qualities of mark-making. I work both en plein air and in my art studio. I even have a mini studio inside the greenhouse, to make the most of natural light. Outdoor photographs, sketches and studies lead to more in-depth explorations and then to finished artworks. It is also fun to juxtapose objects trouvés and reference materials within studies and finished pictures. Lots of experimentation leads to bodies of work which I curate into themes for you.

Within those images here at A Bit of Colour, I hope that you enjoy the same delight and inspiration which sparked the original process of creation. When you purchase this art as products on this site, we have a connection through the enjoyment of visual expressions. The extra-fine quality Giclée prints and range of great products here which represent my art are very carefully chosen. Fine and long-lasting materials with excellent credentials – as eco-friendly as possible. Each item is hand-finished by experienced craftsmen in their fields to ensure that you have the best that I can offer.

Enjoy A Bit of Colour – gifts, prints and homewares from the Art Studio.

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