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How to care for your art.

A Bit of Colour how to care for your art
Looking after your wall art.
Taking the best care of your new artwork just requires a little forethought. Here are some easy tips:

Our prints have the correct strength of finishing materials for their size. Do make sure the walls where your art will hang are strong enough to bear their weight, and that the fixings are suitable, strong enough and of good quality. Larger art pieces may need more points of support. Always use larger and/or more fixings if you want to be on the safe side. Ensure that any fixings will not damage the artwork.

No direct sunlight:
We use only the best quality archival colours, but they may still bleach out if kept in direct sunlight. Direct sun can also cause the substrate (the canvas, paper etc) to break down.

Moisture and temperature:
Fluctuating temperature can be damaging to artworks, and so can high humidity or damp patches. Please keep your art away from sources of heat, cold and moisture.

A safe spot:
Always place or hang your art in a safe space where it cannot get knocked, to avoid breakage and damage to your collection.

Occasional cleaning:
Do not wet or spray your artwork with water or any cleaning products. Very gently dust artwork with a dry, soft white cloth. Use a very soft brush for especially delicate and unframed pieces. Every now and again gently turn your artworks around to check that there is no damp or mold anywhere on them.

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