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How to choose art – some favourite art styles.

A Bit of Colour favourite art styles

Certain types of art will always be popular for all kinds of homes. Here are some ideas for you:

Contemporary Art.
The art of living artists.
Simply, any art made within our lifetime. Contemporary art may include innovative works that use mixed media and harness new technology in some way. One exciting form of innovation in art was the camera. Contemporary Art media may be leading edge, or entirely traditional.

Impressionist Art.
Capturing the light and feeling of the moment.
Originating in France, impressionism typically uses brighter, lighter and shorter strokes of colour than in the classical world of fine art before it. Working outdoors is very common in this movement. This can very broadly include Pointillism – the mixing of colours inside your head, or visual colour combining.

Abstract Art.
Ideas as shapes and colours.
Good abstract art comes from deep artistic thought, honing mark-making to convey essential meaning. It is full of life, intent and mastery. The purest Abstract Art does not attempt to represent the world around us. There need not be a logical reason to appreciate it, just your own instinctive reaction to a work. You will just know when you connect with a fine Abstract work for your own home – and it will grow on you even more over time.

Pop Art.
Breaking away from fine art exclusivity.
The ‘Art for everyone’ movement, creativity that is accessible for us all. Stemming from it’s origins in New York, Pop Art has graphic qualities and often an alluringly ironic sense of humour. Images from any source, but mainly from popular media and every-day culture – comics, cans of soup and celebrities – challenging art’s orthodoxy.

Some very popular pictorial and interior design trends include:

Scandi: Scandinavian influenced minimalistic chic.
Japandi: Japanese and Scandinavian influenced minimalistic chic.
Nature / Bohemian: Relaxed and self assured, eclectic and natural.
CottageCore: Roots in idyllic rural tradition and style, pastoral escapism.
Mid Century Modern: Reviving classic looks from around 1933 to 1965.
Chequers: Squarely classical and definitely Now.
Neon: Hot splashes of glowing and zingy-bright colour.
Pearlescent: Beautiful, soft, natural, super-modern luxe.
Hollywood Regency / Glam: Fabulous, ritzy opulence where more is more.
Industrial: Tough, sometimes gritty, always handsome.
Black: Is definitely back. Monochrome, elegant frame and image sleekness.
Funky pattern: Whimsical, daring shapes. A blast of bold virtuosity.
Greek Influence: A fresh, youthful tribute to Hellenistic grandeur.

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