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A Bit of Colour for the planet.

Helping the environment

Working with people who care really does make a difference. My printed products have a variety of eco-friendly credentials, they include; organic production for biodiversity and soil fertility, ecologically friendly inks, vegan inks, managed forests for wildlife and environmental friendliness, recycled materials, and lowering emissions.

I work with local printers to support our local businesses, and to provide greener shipping. The materials and processes have been tested to very high standards, so that you still receive superior, practical, high quality products.

A Bit of Colour creates lovely things to enjoy in your home, and to give as discerning gifts. Images come straight from original paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs. I also invest a percentage of my own profit into charities which help to make nature a part of everyone’s lives – now and into the future.

Art for a better Earth.

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